Stay in the Conversation Even When You’re Not Really There

Our view of #UMSLdigital

Today the University of Missouri-St. Louis (or as most people know it – UMSL) hosted the State of Digital Media Marketing Conference. Several members of our team registered to attend the conference but as the day approached, we realized our schedule would not allow it. Luckily for us, the entire conference was streamed live, allowing us access to the information without really being there. This got us thinking: how awesome it is that we can still stay up to date on what’s happening and participate in the conversations taking place on social media (hooray hasthtags!) without really being there?

Google Hangouts, Twitter feeds and Facebook updates are just a few of the outlets regularly available to us that help provide insight into real-time conversations happening in our marketplace. Just as it would have been silly for us to not tune in to today’s live stream of the Digital Media Marketing Conference, it makes no sense for you to under-utilize these social media tools. We’ve all got tight schedules; it’s a constant juggling act to prioritize our time. Social media helps you stay in the conversation even when your schedule prohibits you from attending valuable events physically.Nowadays, with just about every event you can expect a social conversation to be taking place. So just because you can’t make it to the event doesn’t mean you can’t take away valuable information. Tell us how you use social media and streaming technologies to stay involved in conversations.