Start your next recruiting campaign with LinkedIn-Here are a few tips on how to begin.


Over the past few years the social media craze has taken over the internet. Unlike social sites Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is focused primarily on professional development. LinkedIn profiles contain everything from resume information to recommendations from previous employers and coworkers – all of which is of interest to hiring companies. If you are an employer that is currently recruiting, here are a few tips on how to use LinkedIn to your advantage:

Use your connections. Chances are, there are dozens of qualified candidates currently searching for career opportunities that you are already connected to.  Inform your network of connections that your company is hiring. Even if the connections themselves are not interested in the position, there’s a good chance that they will recommend the position to their connections that are currently on the job hunt. A referral from a trustworthy connection is better than someone off the street.

Search through your followers. If someone is following your company, they are genuinely interested in it. Post an update on the company page that links to more information about the position. All followers of the page will see the post in their newsfeed and if there are any interested parties, they will apply.

Use the advanced search tool. This tool allows you to search for specific skills and experience levels. Using it will help you find the candidates that are most likely to fit the open position.

Start a discussion. Post a discussion about job openings within groups that have similar interests to your company. This will attract people who are currently searching for a job in your industry. Proper placement within the correct group is critical for this to work.

LinkedIn Job Board. Last but not least, the most obvious option would be to post an opening on the LinkedIn job board. This outlet does have a cost associated with it but often turns great results. LinkedIn is a one stop shop for recruiters. All of the information you need for screening potential new hires and interviewees is in one convenient location.

Recruiting can be a difficult challenge for companies, but LinkedIn has perfected a process that can really simplify it. It has developed a place to begin the search for your next great employee. By utilizing all that LinkedIn has to offer, you will find success with your new hires.