Social Media Success is More Than the Response

When we think of what it takes to be a successful brand in the social-sphere, it usually comes down to response time. In the eyes of your customers, the longer you take, the less you care about their problem. However, we know that there is something even more important than the speed of the response, and that’s the speed of the resolution.

Any ol’ Joe can throw their customer an insincere apology and call it good because they responded to the complaint within moments, but that doesn’t really resolve anything, does it? Sure, your brand comes off as attentive, but if customers don’t see you offering a resolution to the complaint, you’re not really saving face. Wouldn’t you rather a company take a couple extra moments to truly hear and understand your complaint then follow that up with a resolution than simply post a half-hearted apology that leaves you no better off?

A simple way to manage your customers’ expectations is to make it clear on all profiles what your brand’s standard response practice is. For example, you can post “all standard customer service inquiries can expect a response within 12 hours.” Customers understand that they are not your only customer and that you are managing multiple issues regularly. If you ask your customers, you can be sure they would rather you take an extra hour or so to solve their problem and secure their future business instead of rush to give them an unsatisfactory solution.  So the next time you find yourself rushing to get a response posted as soon as possible, take a little extra time to find a way to resolve the issue first. Trust us: both your business and your customers will benefit from it.