Social Media Reputation Management: It’s About So Much More Than Reviews

When we hear someone talk about “Reputation Management” as it pertains to social media, our minds instantly think “reviews.” And although reviews make up a major portion of managing one’s online reputation, that’s only one piece of the very large puzzle.

For businesses, social media is an outlet used to develop your message, a way to strengthen the voice of your brand. Before your company just jumps into using social media platforms because it’s a “necessary” marketing tool, establish your goals. What will you use social media to accomplish? Will you use the platforms to connect to prospective clients, drive recruitment?

Social media is an excellent tool for businesses and brands. From reaching out to prospects to assisting with customer retention, it has an array of uses. As with any marketing tool, being active on another platform means you are opening your business up to more vulnerabilities. For every kind word, there will be twice as many negative ones, and your brand will need to have a strategy setup for managing both positive and negative feedback .Many time negative feedback doesn’t come in the form of an official “review” a random tweet or Facebook post can be just as damaging, which is where effective reputation management comes into play.

How are you managing your brands reputation? Are you paying attention to what’s being said about you online? Does the idea of managing your brand across a multitude of social media sites seem too overwhelming of a task to complete on your own? If you could use some help, our team of social media professionals are here. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our social media reputation management solution,