Opportunities are abundant on LinkedIn, do you stand out?


LinkedIn is the number one professional social networking site in today’s market. Users range from business professionals to college students.  Today’s world is all about who you know and LinkedIn can help you drastically improve your professional network.  Aside from building connections, LinkedIn is the ideal resource for job searching. The opportunities that LinkedIn presents to its users are endless, but the question is, are you using them to your advantage? Here are a few tips to make sure you are setting yourself up for success:

Import your contacts. This seems like a no brainer especially since the site prompts you to do this when you sign up, but many people ignore it. Importing your contact list will give you a head start in growing your connections right away. It will allow you to reconnect with people you have already conducted business with.

Be specific when you search. Using the advanced search tab will allow you to locate specific jobs, companies and user profiles.

Keep your profile updated. Your profile is receiving visitors on a daily basis; an updated profile will assist you in putting your best foot forward. The information on your profile could be the difference between being considered for a position and being skipped over.

Join groups. In order to network with similar business professionals you will need to join groups. This allows you participate in discussions and connect with people that can help you to jumpstart your career.

Endorse and be endorsed. Your previous experiences say a lot about you. Endorsements can show the skills you have obtained in the past. Encourage your connections to endorse you on the skills they have helped you learn or have seen you perform firsthand. Increasing your endorsements shows possible employers what areas you are proficient in.

LinkedIn offers countless tools to assist you in growing your professional network. Connections are an important part of business. Utilizing what and who they know will allow you to stay a step ahead of the competition.