Linkedin Now Offers Targeted Ads


Linkedin is one of the premier tools that can be used when connecting to businesses and people. Since its introduction, it has allowed people and businesses to connect both throughout the US and all over the globe. It has allowed businesses to direct their marketing and advertising directly at people who want to see it. This is a huge advantage for a business. Linkedin is now taking it to a whole new level.

Linkedin is now allowing businesses to target their marketing based upon a business or person’s language setting. Businesses will now be allowed to direct their messages to a user in their desired language. This is a huge step forward considering the variation of nationalities that use the site. Nearly two thirds of the entire Linkedin population is outside of the US. That being said, most (if not all) of those people may prefer a language other than English. Linkedin is now allowing us to adjust our ads to meet those demands. On top of being able to direct the ad based on language, it also does not have to be the same message that is sent out in English. You will be able to share different posts to different users from other countries. This will allow for a much more personal connection between US business and people in other countries.

Linkedin is also moving forward in trying to boost their mobile access. With members now being able to receive ads in their own language, their mobile access should undoubtedly grow. They are at nearly 50% mobile access and over 50% in other countries. They are also working on a way to allow users in countries without strong internet connections to access Linkedin on mobile sites. If they can perfect this process, then their targeted ads based upon language will be a huge asset to marketers even more than they already are.