LinkedIn Header Photos: Another Place to Showcase Your Personality

If you’ve logged into your LinkedIn account in the past several days then you have noticed the bright blue box at the top of your screen requesting you to “edit” your background. Yep, LinkedIn has officially started rolling out the header photo option to all users, meaning it’s another site on the list of many that is fully embracing the fact that we are a visual culture.

The dimensions for the new feature are similar to other platforms, measuring in at 1400×425 pixels. Note that if you are creating a custom image the resolution should be less than 4MB or you’ll run into an upload error.


Unlike other sites such as Twitter and Facebook, the header image isn’t the focal point of the page, but merely an accent. The profile picture, name and employment information are still front and center. In fact, the bottom half of your header photo is hardly visible, as it acts as a frame to more pertinent information.

Individuals are using the space to showcase their more creative side – we’ve seen everything from photos to business card information and company logo integration. We have no doubt the header photo will evolve over time, but as of now, it seems to be quite the hit.

What are your opinions on LinkedIn’s latest feature, have you updated your profile yet? Let us know your thoughts below.