Keep Away from These Common Hashtag Faux Pas

If you’re business is active on Twitter, you’re probably fully aware of the most common hashtag faux pas because they make you cringe every time you come across them. If you’re more of a newbie in the Twitterverse, you may not know you’re making these mistakes, which is why we’re here to help. Review the list below to make sure you aren’t committing these common hashtag faux pas.


This may be the worst of all of the hashtag faux pas. Many hashtags consist of combining multiple words, and that normally works out just fine. However, extremely long hashtags tend to irritate users and you can typically guarantee they won’t be reused.

#Dont #Hashtag #Your #Entire #Tweet

Have you ever looked at a tweet and thought, “holy hashtag overload”? Well, this is what we are referring to. Too many hashtags become overwhelming and make the tweet too difficult to read.

Don’t use trending hashtags on irrelevant tweets

You’ve seen it a hundred times. Someone jumps on the trending hashtag bandwagon and triess to integrate them into completely irrelevant topics just to cash-in on the exposure. This is the epitome of poor Twitter-manners. Trust us, you’ll get called out on it and the results will be much more unsatisfactory than they would have been if you never participated in the conversation.

Remember: There are plenty of ways to make noise on Twitter, you don’t have to commit a social media faux pas to stand out.