It’s Convention Season! Check Out These Twitter Tips for Salespeople

As our team prepares to head down to the CMIT Solutions Convention in New Orleans next week, we thought it to be the perfect time to talk Twitter tips!

Be it conference, convention, reunion – whatever the case may be – odds are Twitter will have a hand in the fun. Before you even get to the convention you will want to do a couple of things: follow any clients or prospects that will be in attendance, look-up the hashtag for the convention (chances are these is one) and scope out any pre-convention activity already taking place in the Twitterverse.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork, the real fun begins – attending the convention! This is where your Twitter-smarts really come into play. First things first, you’re going to want to “check-in” to let all in attendance know you’re here and part of the conversation. As with everything you’ll tweet from the convention this weekend, remember to use your hashtag! When you’re making your way from booth to booth and see something that’s tweet-worthy, add it to the conversation. The same goes for when you are attending interesting speaking sessions – remember to always tag the speakers!

As the convention comes to a close you can use your Twitter account to follow-up with those you got a chance to speak with at the event. You can also follow-up with those you didn’t get the chance to meet with but would like to set up a meeting with. When you’re using it right and you’re active in the conversation, Twitter can be a great tool for salespeople. If you have more tips on using Twitter this convention season leave us a note below. Happy tweeting!