Instagram Can Seriously #GrowBusiness

Instagram-LogoIt’s understandable that most businesses aren’t going to come close in ranking on Instagram.  With the leading brands being Nike, Starbucks, and Adidas, I’m not so sure my marketing budget is going to top theirs.  There are a few ways though, to make sure your business is seeing the ROI they should when using social media.  Here are some tips to maximizing your reach and see the return you’re looking for.

 Determine Frequency– Depending on your brand, you may not need to post on Instagram all that often.  Say, for instance, your client base is mainly older demographics; you would post less on Instagram and more on Facebook.  Give it a few weeks to judge.  Some brands post 2-3 times a day, some 2-3 times a week.

 Find the Perfect Posting Time– Again, depending on what business you’re in, timing can mean everything.  Some brands should post between 6am-8am to reach that certain demographic.  Others should wait to post until later in the day.  Try to get a grasp on when your audience views social networks, and when they’re most likely to share/engage.

 Post Consistency– The more you post on any site, the higher you appear in searches.  And of course, the more you put communication out there, the more credible your business will appear.  Just remember to keep posting; it’s never going to hurt.

Keep on Top of Trends– Using hashtags on Instagram can benefit your business in multiple ways.  By using generic hashtags like #hairsalon, users can find you like they would in a Google search.  Also, you can create unique hashtags for your business, encouraging sharing.  Lastly, you can jump on a trending topic to raise brand awareness.

 Monitor your Results– Thankfully there are third-party sites that allow you to track your social media successes.  Sites like Google Analytics can break down how many shares and likes you’ve received, and give you a better understanding of the type of content your audience is looking for.

Continuously Improve– It’s important to be visual with your communication, and include calls to action.  Try to think about how posting that picture highlights the customer experience.  Make sure you’re staying true to your brand, and you’re also showcasing your benefits and value.

The biggest thing with Instagram is to spark action.  Whether it be to share an image or use a specific hashtag, Instagram can help your brand get worldwide attention.