How Brands Should Use Twitter’s Photo Collage

1Last month, Twitter announced a new feature that allows users to post up to four photos at once, called photo collage.  In addition, it will allow users to tag up to 10 people per tweet.  The best part about this is that it won’t mess with your 140 character limit per tweet.

With over 200 million users, Twitter has a pretty strong hold of social media traffic in the world.  It’s to be expected that there would be some copycats in the business.  First, we saw Facebook copy Twitter’s “clickable hashtag,” then it tried to duplicate Snapchat through “Poke.”  After that, Twitter developed Vine’s 6-second videos; this was then replicated by Instagram’s 15-second videos.  Fortunately, Twitter will lead the way once again with photo collages.  No longer do users have to seek out third-party sites to create a photo collage; now Twitter will let you do this through their own app (once you update it).

Over 80% of B2B companies use Twitter, and photo collages give them a new format to relay certain communication.  These collages will give brands more real estate on timelines, and keeps users from going to a third party site to produce them.  So how can brands use this tool to make content more visual and engaging?  Check out these tips:

-Tell a creative story though the collages, using the 4 boxes to show beginning, middle, end, and takeaways.

-Upload two pictures and ask followers “A or B”/ “This or That” questions.

-Upload four photos, giving multiple choice answers to a question, or four separate calls-to-action.

-Develop a way to thank your customers with 4-word mantras, or share their fan photos and tag them in the images.

-Draw up miniature storyboards on Twitter, similar to a comic book.  Eventually you could turn these boards into scripts for web videos, too!

Promote your staff!  This is a good way to showcase the employee of the month.  Also, you can use images of your staff to link back to their portfolios or blogs; this is a great way to get traffic to your website.

Visual communication is proven to be more appealing, so jump on this bandwagon ASAP!  If you’re lost, check out these brands’ Twitter pages for examples:  Ben & Jerry’s, GE, Chanel, Dove Men + Care, and Twitter UK.