Google+ +Post ads, A Positive Pair

Computer-social_smallDoes your business have a Google+ page?  Ever consider taking it to the next level?  Fortunately, there’s a new way to utilize Google that is proven to grow your business: +Post ads.

+Post ads are a type of engagement ad (CPE) that is displayed through the Google Display Network.  These advertisements are created from content your brand has already posted, and shared across over 2 million sites in this network.   (Site examples within the network include: Google Finance, Blogger,,, etc.)

Brands must first qualify, having at least 1,000 followers.  Content shared has to be deemed “relevant to your audience,” and can include user reviews and recommendations within the ad.  For example, if someone is searching for a hair salon in St. Louis, a user review might pop up underneath the search result.  This is called “Shared Endorsements” and can help make your business appear more credible!

Over 90% of the internet can be reached by the Google Display Network.  If your brand is considering advertising through this network, pick “Display Network Only” or “Search Network with Display Select.”  What’s the difference?

•  “Search Network” places your ad on Google search or search partner pages, like or  This selection is keyword based, and only allows for text-based ads.

•  “Display Network” places your ad in the network of websites that have AdSense enabled.  These sites allow for more visual content to be shared, and could be on blog websites, online newspapers, YouTube, etc.

Figuring out the settings might take a minute, but this Google+ feature can definitely get people engaged.  If you’re looking for an example of using +Post ads, check out Toyota Corolla.  Their 2014 campaign already gave them 50% higher engagement rate than the rest of the industry.  That’s quite an impact!