Facebook’s Newest Adventure

There is a war going on in the social media e-commerce world. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., are all competing in an attempt to challenge Amazon in the online buying process. They all want to be the top selling social media site. Facebook has added a new weapon to their arsenal. This Thursday, Facebook will begin testing the use of their new “buy now” button.

Facebook has done a lot to improve their ad algorithms over the past few months. They have partnered with another company to increase the quality of their video ads, which has helped to increase the total views of videos. Advertisers can see who watches videos and who doesn’t. Additionally, they have also improved the keyword searches of their ads. They have allowed for better keyword and ad matching within their site. Now Facebook will be introducing the “buy now” button.

The “buy now” button will begin on smaller business’s ads and if it is a success it will spread to bigger ads. This button will allow users to click and be taken to a check out area in which they can buy the product straight from Facebook. The announcement of the new buy button came shortly after Twitter announced their implementation of a payment system. They both seem to be gearing up for an all-out battle. It is yet to be seen which site will work better, or even if they can compete with the online retailers such as Amazon. If this new button is a success, it will change everything we know about social media advertising. Check back soon for updates.