B2B Success Tips- Facebook style


Facebook is an incredible tool, that when used correctly can boost your business in a couple of different ways.  First, it can increase brand recognition. The site will allow you to increase the company and product knowledge. Keeping your followers abreast of what’s going on in the company is important. Second, Facebook can be used as a lead generation tool. The people following your company are people are interested in what you do and what you offer. These are potential prospects. Here are a few tips for success when using Facebook.

Use creative content. This seems rather obvious but it’s imperative to use good content. The information needs to be interesting and attractive to the reader. Not all content needs to be attempting to make a sale. A good mix of captivating content will entice the reader to return to read more before eventually being sold on your product.

Use visuals. Pictures are worth 1000 words. Studies have shown that content that contains pictures is much more successful in gaining attention and racking up the views. Getting noticed may take some eye catching art or some kind of statistical table that breaks down the material. The quicker and easier your message is to understand, the better.

Know your audience. Understanding who will be reading your message is a necessity. There will be specific times in which your audience’s online activity increases. This is the time you need to post your content. Through your analytics reports you can see which posts are getting the most views based on time. This information will help you to place the right content at the right time, in order to get the highest return.

Target with pinpoint accuracy. Facebook gives you the option to use their targeting system. It allows you to specify exactly who you want your post to reach. It gives multiple specification options that will let you put your marketing in front of exactly who you want.

Facebook can help you to reap great rewards if used correctly. Marketers have used this medium for communication with leads and customers for years and will continue to in the future. Using these tips you will be able to begin to establish a following and turn those fans into customers.