B2B Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Just because your company is in the B2B marketplace doesn’t mean its marketing has to be boring. As marketers, we’ve seen it all and heard it all. One of the biggest mistakes B2B companies make is assuming their product or service is uninteresting due to their target market. If you believe in your product or service then there should be nothing boring about it, your messaging just may need a bit of work.

We turn to our social media managers to create effective social media campaigns for our clients, many of which are primarily in the B2B marketplace. Sure, B2B social media marketing can be a challenge, but that’s half of the fun. When done correctly your social media marketing can drive brand awareness and most importantly, generate leads.

Think your digital marketing efforts could use a refresh? Take a look at these suggestions for sprucing up your social media strategy:

Get specific. If your product or service appeals to specific industries or niches, use industry-specific vernacular and information to your advantage. Target the people who are most likely to be passionate about what you’re offering.

Don’t be a robot. Since the B2B marketplace already carries with it a “boring” stigma, the last thing your brand wants to do is fit the stereotype. Be unique and personable. Give your brand a personality and use that personality to drive engagement on your social sites.

Utilize your media database. Photos and video can take you far, integrate both into your digital strategy.

Be consistent. Translate your social personality to your other marketing outlets, such as your website. Consistency is one of the most important pieces to a successful marketing strategy.

Become a reliable resource. People need a reason to connect and engage with your brand. Regularly remind them of how valuable your brand is by highlighting ways your product or service can help simplify their life.

There may not be a secret marketing formula that can guarantee every B2B company’s success, however these suggestions will assist your brand in building a strong foundation to find the formula that works best for them.