Agency Client Success Story: Pittsburgh Pipe

In 1977, Pittsburgh Pipe was started by two business partners, Joseph Bergfeld and Bill Manser in St. Louis, Missouri. From what started as one location with three employees is now a three-location company with 70+ employees. Pittsburgh Pipe is all about growth, which is why they began a partnership with Abstrakt Marketing Group.


Pittsburgh Pipe has been working with Abstrakt since 2013 and has continued to show positive growth each year since. At the start, Pittsburgh Pipe did have a website, but it was not functioning correctly with the information customers would need. They also essentially had no social media presence. Abstrakt was able to rebuild and create their entire site, as well as set up social media channels to assist them with their online presence.

“We were able to confirm last month, in a direct conversation with the customer, we were asked to quote and ultimately given a $68,000 order after the customer did a Google Search for “steel casing pipe,” which resulted in our company’s name being displayed at the top of the list of search results. He followed up that first order with an $830,000 order!” said the owner of Pittsburgh Pipe, John Bergfeld. Through Search Engine Optimization and the new website design, Pittsburgh Pipe was able to rank higher on Google for customers like this one to see.

Abstrakt Social Media Manager Shelby Edsell says, “I have been working with Pittsburgh Pipe for the past two years and have loved every second. I have great communication with them and enjoy writing all of their social content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and more.” Abstrakt has migrated Pittsburgh Pipe into social media over these past few years. Abstrakt is most proud of the LinkedIn page that they set up and have helped Pittsburgh Pipe go from 0 to over 460 connections.

In the Future

Looking forward, Pittsburgh Pipe is looking into expanding to Abstrakt’s newest Virtual Marketing Program where their website will be reviewed and refreshed. Abstrakt is looking forward to being a part of the success of a wonderful company like Pittsburgh Pipe.


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