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Let Abstrakt Cloud Solutions be a dedicated resource for your clients who use Salesforce.

Extend Your Service Offerings –
Salesforce Consulting, Management, and Project Work

For Your Clients

As an IT company, you probably have a good handful of clients who use Salesforce. Instead of hiring a Salesforce expert in-house and paying them a hefty salary or turning your client away when they need assistance, consider our Salesforce Consulting Partner Program.

We want to help as many companies as possible with our Salesforce expertise.

We also don’t want you to have to turn away any business. With our Salesforce Consulting Partner Program, you no longer have to tell your MSP clients, “I don’t know.” Our Salesforce consultants can step in and help so that you can be a resource for every client, whether they need IT assistance or assistance with the Salesforce platform.

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The best part? For each client you refer, we’ll compensate you.

That’s right, when you refer your clients that need Salesforce assistance to our Abstrakt Cloud Solutions team, you’ll earn a referral fee. Not only are you expanding your offering, you’re creating another revenue stream for your business.

Whether Your Company Uses Salesforce or Not,
You can Benefit From Our Salesforce Consulting Partner Program.

With this program, we’re simply providing you with an additional service that you can add to your already comprehensive list of IT solutions. You may already have referral partners for websites, VoIP or other services that don’t fall under your core solution set.

Allow us to be an extension of your business so that you no longer have to say, “sorry, we don’t do that.” Whether your clients need help with a Salesforce project, are struggling with the day-to-day operation of their Salesforce instance, or need basic consulting services, we’re here to help.

About Abstrakt Cloud Solutions—Our Salesforce Consulting Company

Abstrakt Cloud Solutions, a subsidiary of Abstrakt Marketing Group, offers Salesforce consulting services to businesses of all sizes. Ever since we adopted Salesforce across our entire organization in 2010, we’ve continued to learn and use the platform to grow our own business.

Now, we use our knowledge to help grow other businesses. We offer top-notch consulting, administration, and development services, it is our goal to help you get the most out of your Salesforce investment.

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Accomplish Your Salesforce Goals

We provide your clients with services that are cost-effective and help them accomplish their goals with Salesforce.

How Our Referral Process Works

Do your clients use Salesforce? If they do, chances are, they could use a little extra support. They don’t know everything there is to know about this powerful CRM software. Why not be the partner that can provide them with the support they need? With our Salesforce Consulting Partner Program, you don’t need your own Salesforce expert on staff. Our staff provides consulting, administration, project work, and day-to-day support for your client’s needs.

Think of our Salesforce Consulting Partner Program as an extension of your services. Tell your clients about it as if it’s something you’re able to offer. We want to work alongside you as your team. And for each client you refer, you’ll get a referral incentive.

We provide your clients with services that are cost-effective and help them accomplish their goals with Salesforce. You get a referral incentive AND peace of mind knowing your clients are in great hands receiving the best possible support.

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Salesforce Services and Support We Provide

Our Cloud Solutions team handles consulting, administration, and project work for Salesforce users of all sizes at all types of companies. No matter what it is that your client’s needs are, we have the skills to handle it. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Configure processes, workflows, triggers, flows, Visualforce, custom Apex, and development work
  • Sales Cloud and Service Cloud process updates
  • Sales/marketing/service best practices and how to address business problems on the Salesforce platform
  • Deploy Community Cloud strategy based on Salesforce best practices with multi-cloud integration (i.e. Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Pardot, etc.)
  • Setup Knowledge, Case Escalation Rules, Case Milestone Tracker, Service Contracts (SLA) and Entitlements
  • Setup Live Agent Chat and Omni-Channel
  • High Velocity Sales (HVS) setup and enablement
  • Salesforce Inbox and Engage setup and enablement
  • Ongoing Pardot & Marketing Cloud maintenance and campaign management
  • Security setup and updates (i.e. Roles, Permissions, Profiles, Sharing Settings, etc.)
  • Lightning Experience migration, setup and best practices
  • Data imports, deduplication, and clean-up
  • Creating and updating reports and dashboards
  • 1:1 customized trainings or team training sessions
  • Fields, record types and page layout updates
  • User administration
  • Salesforce release update and business impact summaries

The list doesn’t stop there. With several team members holding various Salesforce certifications and expertise across some of the largest Salesforce products like Sales Cloud, Pardot, and Community Cloud, we have your Salesforce needs covered.

Earn Passive Income From Current Clients

With Abstrakt’s Salesforce Consulting Partner Program

We are growing rapidly as we partner with IT organizations around the country. Why not refer someone to us who you already work with and who you know could benefit from our services? It helps them solve a business issue; plus, you get an incentive. No matter how unique your client’s businesses may be, our Salesforce consultants are ready to take on the challenge of helping your clients get the most out of their Salesforce investment.

Next time one of your partners mentions Salesforce, don’t give it a second thought. Refer them to us so they can get the support they need to maximize their Salesforce investment.

If you’re interested in referring a client or want to learn more, contact us today.

The Abstrakt Lead Generation Advantage

What Makes us Difference



Because of our explosive growth and career opportunities, we have been able to attract the very best in the B2B lead generation space. That means you will have an A-Player working with your business to help you grow.



We have been doing this for 10 years now. We are happy to have partners in every state in the U.S., and we are constantly developing innovative strategies within your industry.



When we work with you, we don’t work with anyone else in your market. We are in the trenches helping grow your market share and sales. How could we do the same thing for your competitors?



When you invest in us, we invest in you. You’ll have an activity or lead guarantee, and if we don’t hit it, we’ll work for free until we do.


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