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Are you looking to grow your business, but finding it difficult to manage every aspect of a consistent sales pipeline? Here at Abstrakt, we have been perfecting our lead generation processes to better serve companies like you. Over the past several years, we’ve helped thousands of companies grow and expand their businesses by ensuring they’re reaching qualified sales leads, increasing their conversion rates and building their overall sales process.

Use our Pipeline Outbound process to gain competitive marketing data, improve brand awareness and create more sales opportunities. 

Abstrakt’s process is designed to consistently add a constant flow of qualified leads to your sales pipeline. Our methodology incorporates several stages, all executed by trained and experienced sales professionals with the help of leading CRM platform, Salesforce.

Abstrakt ensures that the data collected and cleansed is being used to set appointments. We partner with you to find out who your ideal clients are, and we work to ensure that the leads we set appointments with are qualified. These appointments have the potential to lead to a closed deal and an increase in revenue for our clients.

Your salespeople will walk into their the appointments knowing that they are equipped with as much information as possible about the prospect. From market intelligence to call recordings, our partners have the peace of mind that they are well prepared to go in and close the deal. 

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You Have Questions, We’ve Got Answers

What is your success rate?

Since we service clients from a variety of niches, we can’t really provide an exact number. Each industry is different, however we know that our process can benefit businesses of any industry. You can hear what our clients have to say about their experience with us here.

Who are these people you set appointments with?

During the introduction phase of our process, we use a series of phone calls, emails and marketing assets to identify key decision makers. Depending on the specific company, the role of this individual varies. Our goal with this part of the Pipeline process is simple: have a valuable conversation with a key decision maker, get an appointment if an opportunity exists and, if not, leave the door open to build a relationship through nurturing efforts

Why is Abstrakt the better choice for lead generation services?

Simple – we have the proven and effective process that our competitors do not.
Our Pipeline Outbound process helps your business gain competitive marketing data, improve brand awareness and create more sales opportunities. It’s been perfected over time, and the results we’ve seen from our clients prove that it really does work.

How could you guarantee that those PSRs who’ll be representing us would be able to provide correct information to our prospects?

Based on the info you provide to the team in implementation and ongoing monthly meetings, Abstrakt ensures that all PSRs are trained on the company that they are representing.

How can I get started?

What can Abstrakt offer us?

Abstrakt can grow your business at a fraction of the cost it would require to do the identical process in-house. We provide qualified opportunities and potential clients by generating interest and setting appointments for your company. We can guarantee five appointments set for your business per month, or 60 per year. Of course, this is subject on each industry.

Where are you located?

We are located in St. Louis, Missouri, although we partner with over 600 clients across the country. We have about 250 employees currently. Our Partner Sales Representatives are located here too, unlike our competitors that have a local headquarters while its representatives are located 2,000 miles away. We keep everything under the same roof to increase productivity across departments and minimize the typical issues that can arise with satellite offices.

What are the benefits of having Partner Sales Representatives call on our behalf?

Our partner sales representatives help a company really identify what their key target market should be. They help identify critical sales data to put the organization in a better spot to succeed going forward. They’re helping with top of mind awareness and branding, as well as creating sales appointments and new business opportunities.

How will we be able to monitor the progress of our campaign?

We use Salesforce to track and analyze campaigns. It helps us throughout every stage of our lead generation strategy, from finding qualified leads to providing phone recordings for you to listen and score.

How do you know who my prospects are?

With your help, we’ll outline what an ideal prospect looks like for your business. We will then use that information to narrow down opportunities to only those fitting that criteria, ensuring you are only receiving qualified, sales ready appointments.

Gain Access to Our Team and Tools for Less Than the Cost of One Full-Time Employee

Deciding whether to outsource your sales or keep them in-house can be tough. It’s a big decision, involving a lot of money and valuable time. It’s important to remember that with sales team costs, it’s not just salary expenses. Total expenses per employee include taxes, office space, workstations, IT, holidays, sick-leaves, etc.

The outsourcing of lead generation saves time and effort when organizing your staff’s workload and its quality control. The implementation of new processes requires an expenditure of resources which may not always be available. When this task is outsourced, your company can focus on closing sales.


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