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How We Keep You Connected



The portal provides you with complete transparency into your program with Abstrakt, giving you insight into all activity on your account. See dials made, listen to calls, view and approve content and more with access to your personal online portal.



We want you to see our work come to life. From brochures to sell sheets to case studies, no matter what marketing collateral our team is producing for you, you can view and download the finished product in the portal.



The portal allows you to see when appointments are set, update appointment status, and leave notes for our team. Our goal at the end of the day is to set the best appointments possible for your team—your feedback helps us do this.



Receive real-time support for urgent matters through the live chat feature in our portal. Whether you’re having a problem or have questions about your program, you can get answers fast.

A Results Portal for Complete Visibility Into Your Program

As our partner, you should be in the know about your program at all times. A lot goes on behind the scenes when you partner with us, and we want you to have total visibility. That’s why we make metrics about your program accessible to you at all times. Think of the portal as your own mini customer relationship management tool (CRM). You don’t need your own CRM to keep track of your leads; our online portal gives you the ability to track a client and enter your own notes and information. From sales reports to content sharing tools, our outbound and inbound portals give you access to everything you need.

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Results Portal: Outbound Lead Generation

The Outbound portal is a complete look inside your outbound sales program. The purpose of the outbound portal is to provide you with greater visibility into your program. The sales data makes it easier for us to perform sales forecasting activities and make improvements for the future. We are always looking to improve our sales performance, and no one knows your company better than you do. By developing a better understanding of our sales process, you can have more control over your sales pipeline.

  • Listen to Sales Calls (MyVoice)MyVoice, a built-in feature in our portal, allows you to listen to recorded sales calls and provide feedback to the sales reps making phone calls on your account. This allows you to assess our team’s performance and work to make improvements, so together we can achieve set sales goals.
  • See Dials Made on Your AccountYou know our team is making calls, but we want you to have even more insight than that. We want you to see the exact number of dials that were made on your account and who we are calling.
  • See Number of Appointments SetOur goal with outbound lead generation is to set appointments so you can convert these appointments into new business. The portal allows you to see how many appointments we currently have set on your account.
  • Update Appointment StatusDid you just have an appointment with a potential customer? Tell us how it went! The portal allows you to give feedback about an appointment. (What went well? What could have gone better? Was this the right type of customer for you?) All of this information helps us set even better appointments for you in the future.

Results Portal: Inbound Lead Generation

The Inbound portal allows you to have complete visibility to all aspects of your inbound program. A lot goes into inbound lead generation: blog content, new pages on your website, social media posts, keyword ranking, and Google analytics, to name a few. We want you to understand what all of this means and have access to your metrics at all times. This way, you’ll easily be able to see when we achieve measurable results and make improvements to your website.

  • See Content as It’s Written (MyContent)—As part of your inbound program, you will consistently see new content written every month. Whether it’s blog posts or new web pages, we want you to see new content as soon as it’s ready. MyContent allows you to see content, suggest edits, make changes, and easily send content right back to our team to be published on the site.
  • Social Metrics—The inbound portal gives you a full overview of social metrics across all your social platforms. See engagement, growth, highest-performing posts and photos, and any recent activity on your account all in one place.
  • SEMrush Keyword Ranking and Growth—We want you to understand why we are using the language we do in your content, and how those keywords are affecting your growth. The SEMrush keyword ranking and growth tool allows you to see how keywords are increasing your ranking in search engines and enabling more customers to find you.
  • Google Analytics Data—We make real time Google Analytics metrics available to you in the inbound portal. These metrics help you better understand your customers and see website traffic, page views, conversion rates, audience data, and more.
  • Website Health Performance Score—The inbound portal allows you to see your overall website performance. This includes a SEMrush Health Score, Google PageSpeed, Page Load Time, and more.
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Ready to Grow Your Business?

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Ready to Grow Your Business?

From Sales Reports to Call Recordings to Content, Our Online Portal Gives You the Full Picture of Your Program

Our sales cycle is proven and reliable, but we want you to have access and insight into the activity on your account at all times. From sales metrics to marketing materials, the portal gives you access to everything you need to see and provides visibility into all the work our marketing team is doing for you. Our sales activity will always be happening behind the scenes, but we can make improvements with feedback from your business. With Abstrakt, you have full visibility and a team who cares about working closely with you to make the necessary changes needed for business growth.

One Central Location for Everything

No matter what your program with Abstrakt looks like, the portal provides insight into every detail.

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