You’ve Got to Know It to Sell It

salesmanAnswer this question in one sentence, what makes a good salesman? Are you able to? There are many different attributes of a good salesman because each has their own unique style. So, what makes a good salesman?

If there’s one attribute every successful salesman has in common, it’s that they understand what it is their selling. For instance, we all know the trick of asking a salesman to sell them a pen as a way to test their selling skills. Most of them are probably very capable of using their skills to spark your interest in buying the pen. There are two reasons for which they are successful because they’re a talented salesman and/or they know everything about the pen. We all use pens, so it’s easy to ask individual questions about what they like in a pen, then use what we’ve learned to tell them why this pen can satisfy all of their requirements. You should be able to say the same thing about our outsourced sales team.

If an outsourced sales team doesn’t understand your industry, then they’re going to waste both your time and budget. Some may be skeptical before using our Pipeline process. Maybe you’ve been burned in the past by another provider or the idea of outsourcing in general worries you, reservations are common for many companies. However, we have been able to help many companies overcome those reservations while generating massive amounts of new business.

Our successful process starts with our team developing a complete understanding of our partner’s industry before we start calling for them. Our sales team will tell you that the more they’ve learned about the industry, the easier it has been to generate sales opportunities. Selling isn’t easy, but one thing is certain, it’s that selling is much easier when you know the industry.

If you have an outsourced sales partner, take the time to make sure they fully understand your industry so you know you’re not wasting your time with them. If you don’t have a partner and are looking for one, or if you want to learn why our clients are no longer skeptical of sales outsourcing, contact Abstrakt today!