You Get What You Work For – How to Generate Reliable B2B Sales

Any great salesperson will tell you that there’s a big difference between wanting business and needing business. Of course, all sales teams have goals to meet and we all understand the pressure that accompanies a poor sales month. However, if you can get your team into a “want it” versus “need it” mentality, you will begin seeing more consistent and reliable sales.

Ever notice how your contracts vary in conditions when you NEED to get them in? When it gets down to the wire your salespeople are suddenly offering discounts where they normally wouldn’t, grasping at any revenue they could get through the door. This questionable sales activity is ultimately the result of a poor sales pipeline. Fortunately for your sales team, this problem is fixable.

Our sales experts will tell you, the ultimate solution for every major sales problem is a strong pipeline. When your pipeline is strong your deals instantly grow in quality. No longer will you have to offer significant discounts because, finally, the prospects you are speaking with are the ideal targets for your business. Prospecting should be an activity that is executed every day, not just when your salespeople can get around to it. Our clients understand the importance of a strong pipeline, which is why they choose our outsourced sales solution, to meet that need.

However, not every business is in the position to invest in an outsourced sales solution. There are plenty of prospecting activities that you can incorporate into your everyday activities. These activities will strengthen your pipeline and help you move away from the “needing” business mentality. Put a reminder in your calendar, on your desk or somewhere that you will see it daily. Don’t ever  let your prospecting efforts fall by the wayside. If there’s one thing we know with 100% certainty it’s that the need for prospecting never goes away. Block out time in your schedule to commit to your prospecting efforts and your pipeline will slowly but surely begin to positively reflect those efforts.

Once you perfect your process, those imperfect deals and less than ideal clients will become a thing of the past. To get the business you want, not the business you need, you’ve got to put in the work. Stick to your strategy and your bottom-line will thank you in the long run.