Pipeline Client Success Story: Polar Systems

Polar Systems is a premier IT consulting and managed service provider in the Pacific Northwest area. The company was founded in 1981 in Portland, Oregon but has been working with Abstrakt Marketing Group since March of 2015. Tim Tragesser, the Company President of Polar Systems says their business was originally excited about working with Abstrakt because of the great culture and the constant growth. After working with Abstrakt for almost two years now, Polar Systems has determined that seeing the process that Abstrakt Marketing Group goes through has “really made our internal team a lot more effective.”

At the beginning of their relationship with Abstrakt, Polar Systems knew they wanted to grow at a much more rapid pace and they weren’t equipped from a sales side internally to take on that growth by themselves. “It was important to partner with Abstrakt to build the Pipeline to facilitate that growth.” Polar Systems measures their ROI or Return on Investment in a few ways. The first is “Deals Closed,” which is determined by monthly recurring revenue and they have closed over $25,000 in monthly recurring revenues with appointments that Abstrakt has made. The second measurement is “Pipeline Value,” which the company has concluded that over $200,000 of their managed services and monthly recurring revenues have stemmed from Abstrakt sales appointments.
The average sales person spends 25% of their time prospecting, while at Abstrakt 100% of the time is spent prospecting. This has played a huge part in the successful relationship thus far with Polar Systems. Even if an appointment isn’t made Polar Systems’ brand is always in front of the potential customer which could lead to later engagement down the road to capitalize on the “rapid growth” attitude of the IT company.

Overall, the partnership between Abstrakt and Polar Systems has allowed them to grow at the rate that they were looking for at the beginning of the relationship in March 2015. Tragesser says, “They said if we followed their systems, we would have a positive outcome and that’s what happened.” Abstrakt takes great pride in working with such an incredible company like Polar Systems and look forward to continuing the relationship into the next year.

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