How to Prepare for a Meeting: Company and Industry Research

In order to reach your growth goals in today’s competitive market, it’s critical to take advantage of every opportunity, which is easy to do with the proper research. B2B prospects expect more from the companies they partner with. It’s no longer enough to be a subject matter expert in your industry. Your potential clients want insight into how your services will help them in their industry. If your services focus on one or two industries, that’s a realistic expectation to put on your sales teams.  If your clients come from a very diverse mix of industries, it’s next to impossible to be an SME in every industry. However, you should expect your sales team to take the time to learn about the company they’re going to visit and have a basic understanding of the industry they’re in.

Sales associates need to know more than the just how long the company has been in business and the services that they offer. Knowing who their competitors are and the differences in the services they offer are great ways to demonstrate that they took the time to research the opportunity. Consultants will prepare a list of why companies would partner with the prospects company and a list of potential problems the prospect’s company may face. Once they have these two lists, they can start thinking about how your services can help the prospect’s company achieve their goals.  

If you want to maximize every opportunity, make sure your team spends 15 – 20 minutes researching the company and industry before their meeting.