Fad Diets and Fading Revenue

Diet PlateAs summer ends, I’m officially allowed to let my ‘summer bod’ transition to the illustrious ‘dad bod’ for winter.  Phew.

For those of you who attended beaches and pools around the country this year, you may have tried one of the trendy new fad diets to keep up with the Joneses and their annoying six packs.

Maybe you saw fast results with the fad diet but are now ready to go back to old habits. Or maybe you just didn’t feel great only eating a grapefruit for every meal.

Maybe you’re doing the same thing with your business as we approach Q4 and begin to prepare for the new year.  Making a flurry of calls, sending a few email blasts, posting all over social media, and hitting up everybody you know who hasn’t bought yet.

Your business is a lot like your body – there is no quick fix!

While a long-term marketing and lead generation strategy isn’t as visually appealing as a six-pack of abs, for most business owners it’s satisfying knowing that their sales pipeline is healthy and producing sales consistently.

So how do you get to that pinnacle of pipeline physique?  How do you make sure you’re rocking the six-pack of business growth?

You’ve probably already heard about the ‘fad diets’ of lead generation. According to Better Health, six traits typically found in fad diets include:

  • Promising a quick fix
  • Promoting ‘magic’ foods or combinations of foods
  • Excluding or severely restricting food groups or nutrients, such as carbohydrates
  • Having rigid rules that focus on weight loss
  • Making claims based on a single study

These traits easily translate into lead generation terms:

Promising a quick fix for your business growth – This could include spamming or buying leads in random lists.

Promoting ‘magic’ solutions – “Growth hack!”  “Double your revenue with THIS trick!”

Excluding or severely restricting other tactics, such as SEO and longer-term brand awareness – This means you’re stuck paying high PPC costs forever, and ignoring your brand equity.

Having rigid rules that focus only on a single metric – MOAR LEADZ!  Most often you’ll end up spending all of your time on not-a-fit prospects, and lose ground with your ideal candidates.

Making claims based on a single case study – This one client one time closed a million dollars in 3 months by doing something vaguely similar to this!  (Also 10,000 other companies tried this and hurt themselves long-term).


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Nutrition and business growth experts agree that results happen over time, requiring discipline, dedication and a little faith in following the process.

I’ll let the experts tell you how to eat right and exercise, but in the meantime here’s our Six Pack of Business Growth!

#1 Outbound Phone Calls

This is the best way to ensure your message lands directly with the person you’re looking for.

#2 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s like fishing with a net – people are going to buy, make sure you’re the first net they run into.

#3 Social Media Marketing

Be in front of your prospects where they’re already looking every day – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

#4 Content

Too much of sales is aimed at benefiting the seller. Producing content that adds value to your buyers gains trust and positions you as the solution when they need your product or service.

#5 Email Marketing

This is another great way to put your message in front of the right decision makers, just don’t expect to send out one “blast” and get results. Consistency is key!

#6 Marketing Assets

A buyer won’t remember everything you told them in an initial sales meeting, but having a great brochure, case study or infographic sitting on their desk is a powerful way to keep your company top-of-mind until the decision is made.


Fad diets may help the dieter look better, but to ultimately feel better, true health and fitness are crucial.  Lasting progress is most often the result of a disciplined, long-term commitment, not from an event or program.  To be successful, you’ll need to follow a lead generation process that includes multiple channels, great content and a long-term plan!