Building a Successful Inside Sales Process – Part 1

The first thing that you need to do to build a successful Inside Sales Process is to identify the goals of the process. With any good plan, you must know how to measure it for successes, not just success. Obviously, the ultimate goal is to generate more sales but what else would measure success in an inside sales process?

There should be three goals:

  • Data Collection
  • Top of Mind Awareness
  • Appointments

Each of these separately would be worth running the process.

Collecting great data on the companies that you want to do business with is critical. If you go hunting you don’t just shoot into the woods and hope you get a deer, you spend time before deer season scoping out where they congregate and identify the group that you want to go after. This is very similar to collecting data on your prospects. You need to identify the parameters around who would make up a good customer, then collect key data on them.

From there you want to reach out on a periodic basis and build top of mind awareness around your company. Through a multi-channel marketing effort consisting of phone calls, emails and marketing collateral you can stay in front of the companies that you have identified as great prospects until they are ready to meet.

Finally, the ultimate “end goal” of an inside sales process is to facilitate a face to face or phone meeting. This is done through a consistent nurturing process and happens when the prospect is ready to meet to discuss your products or services. This would be a good time to connect with them through a LinkedIn account and even go so far as to send them a handwritten thank you card for setting the appointment.

This is the outline of what makes up a successful Inside Sales Process, in our next blog we will start to dig into the progression of this process.