7 Tools You Need to Grow Your Business

Starting a business from the ground up is no easy task. Once you establish a business model and hire the right group of people, it may seem like everything else will come naturally; however, lead generation is an entirely new challenge. Even with the best products and services in the world, you won’t be successful without high-quality leads.

So, how do you create and execute a successful lead generation program? If you want to expand as a business and establish yourself as a reputable company in your line of work, here are seven essential tools you need to grow your business.

Establish the Right Mindset

If you are determined to grow your business, it goes without saying that you’ll need the right mindset. If you embrace the lead generation mindset, do your research, and start executing growth strategies all while having a positive attitude, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Prioritize Prospecting

While prospecting and lead generation are not synonymous terms, both of these outbound lead generation activities are important if you want to maximize your potential for new business.

  • Leads: A lead is defined as someone who is in one-way communication with the company. A lead may reach out to a company via a form or through their website. From there, the lead goes into the nurturing process, where they receive more communication in hopes of driving further engagement.
  • Prospects: Prospects are characterized by two-way communication. To be considered a prospect, the lead has to engage in dialog with the sales representative (via phone calls, emails, or meetings). Prospecting activities can include cold calling, referral generation, or using tools such as LinkedIn.

While prospecting and lead generation are not the same, it’s easy to see why both are important. While driving engagement and leads is great, it is ideal to turn leads into prospects who are actually interested in your services and engaging in conversation with your company.

Employ Digital Marketing Strategies

In addition to the traditional sales approach in which sales reps communicate with prospects, there are several other marketing vehicles you can use to drive more leads to your business. Utilizing these marketing tactics is commonly referred to as inbound lead generation. These marketing tools include:

All these activities support lead generation. It’s essential to hire the right talent to manage and grow your online presence. These additional marketing activities require talented individuals like designers, writers, web developers, digital strategists, project managers, account managers, and social media strategists.

Define Your Company Culture

Your organization’s success begins with the environment you create for your employees. For this reason, developing a strong corporate culture is just as important as employing any other marketing strategy. A strong company culture motivates employees, builds cohesiveness and a strong bond amongst employees, and instills a sense of pride. Identifying your corporate vision and establishing a company culture is important so that your greatest lead generation assets—your employees—are happy at work.

Identify Resources & Follow Influential People

Any successful business person knows that even once they’ve achieved success, the learning never stops. It’s important that you find resources that inspire you to maintain the success you’ve built and help you to continue achieving your goals. In addition to finding helpful online resources, you can greatly benefit from following influential people in your industry who inspire your success. Learning from each other is one of the best ways we can grow as individuals; and thus, grow our business.

Social Media Marketing

An inbound lead generation tactic, social media marketing is perhaps one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness. According to Hootsuite, the average American Internet user has 7.1 social media accounts. People are on social media, and if you can grow your presence on social media, you’ll get more leads.

Start Making Sales

Once you have a successful strategy in place that includes outbound and inbound lead generation, it’s time to start converting leads into customers. By simply deploying the right strategies and establishing a positive growth mindset, you can take your business to new heights and grow faster than you ever imagined possible.

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