6 Tips to Improve Your Prospecting Strategy

How Effective is Your Outbound Lead Generation?

Part of fine-tuning your marketing strategy is being self-aware enough to admit when it’s time to make a change. Outbound lead generation is all about managing a fertile pipeline; without the right tools and training to do so, you might be coming up short over and over again for reasons that are entirely avoidable. For all you know, you might be running into the same problems without even realizing what’s wrong with your approach. Part of carrying a quality lead across the finished line is learning what mistakes you’re making, and doing what it takes to correct them. In this blog, we’ll talk about some of the more common mistakes that salespeople make when trying to nurture leads, specifically through cold calling.


#1 Don’t Assume the Worst

Let’s say a prospect has already proven tough to get a hold of, or not overwhelmingly interested in what you have to offer. It’s justifiably frustrating, but your approach can make the difference between turning that lukewarm lead into a hot one. Don’t get discouraged; give your prospect the benefit of the doubt, and make sure you’re maintaining a positive attitude. The last thing you want is to call it quits before you’ve even run the race.


#2 Slow Down

Experienced has taught you that a lot of sales calls don’t last very long. And while a lot of prospects hang up the phone fairly early on, that doesn’t mean you should blurt out every thought you have without breathing in-between words. Slow down your speech, and make sure you’re getting your point across clearly and effectively.


#3 Listen

While this might seem like an obvious one, you’d be surprised at how frequently salespeople mess up this part of the process. Don’t talk over your prospect, and make sure you’re actually hearing what they have to say. Once they’ve said their piece, it’s much easier to respond with a logical answer that should be far more applicable to the problem they’re describing.


#4 Cover Your Bases

We’ve all been there before—mispronouncing a prospect’s name can be exceedingly awkward, and make for an uncomfortable sales pitch. Before you dial the phone, learn as much as you can about your prospect, their business, and the services they offer. The more prepared you are, the more professionally you’ll come across.  

#5 Treat Gatekeepers With Respect

You might be under the impression that a gatekeeper is just a stepping stone to the decision maker you’re trying to reach, but often times they’re a lot more than that. One bad interaction with a gatekeeper can put you at a significant disadvantage; they can frequently function as the eyes and ears of the person you’re trying to pitch, and have more sway than you might think.


#6 Don’t Stretch the Truth

Sure, you can promise your prospect anything in the world; but, if you can’t make good on it, you’ll end up a lead shy of where you should be. Don’t oversell what you’re offering. The last thing you want is for a deal to fall apart at the last second due to a prospect feeling as if they’ve been misled.


Make Your Lead Generation Strategy Count, With Abstrakt

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