5 Traits Every Great Salesperson Has

Qualities You Need to Succeed in Sales

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no “secret sauce” when it comes to becoming a successful salesperson. There’s no single trick that immediately opens the floodgates, and turns a floundering sales career into a flourishing one. The key to success in sales is about developing traits that put you in the best position possible to bridge the gap between a problem your prospects have and the solution you can offer them. There are countless sales professionals working today that think the reason they can’t close a sale is because of a million reasons that are all beyond their control, when in fact the reason might have a lot more to do with you (and your approach) than you might think. In this blog, we’ll talk about what attributes you can work on to help you turn an indifferent prospect into a red-hot lead.

#1 Passion

When you try to convey a false sense of enthusiasm to your prospect, it’s usually pretty easy to spot. Some are better at faking it than others, but a genuine sense of passion is a common trait shared by successful salespeople. Whether that means they have a passion for the product they’re selling, or their enthusiasm for helping their clients is palpable, it has to come from somewhere.


#2 Empathy

Your prospects have a problem; you have a solution. It’s critical that you understand where your prospects are coming from when you’re trying to sell your product. The top performers across any type of sales team all recognize the problem they’re trying to solve, and are willing to work toward an answer.

#3 Preparedness

There’s nothing more damning than entering into a meeting unprepared—if you don’t have the patience and diligence to spend time learning the small stuff, it’s impossible to move forward in the process. Leads that were once interested can be turned off pretty quickly by an underprepared salesperson.  

#4 Inquisitive

You might be 100% confident that your solution is the perfect fit for what your prospect needs, but they need to be able to get to that point, too. Ask them questions; whether they’re about their industry, their struggles, or anything in-between, it shows a genuine interest in what they have to say. Listening is critical; without actually hearing them out, you run the risk of turning prospects off entirely.

#5 Relationship-Oriented

The more effort you put into building, maintaining, and fostering relationships with your prospects, the more likely you are to see results. Learn what makes them tick; what are they looking for in a product? What do they need to succeed? Getting to know your prospects is a crucial part of strengthening your sales pipeline.

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