We’re Taking on the St. Louis Green Business Challenge

Have you heard of the Sustainable Business Advantage program put on by the St. Louis Regional Chamber? Until recently, we hadn’t either, but we’re excited that we know about it now.

The St. Louis Regional Chamber has developed the Sustainable Business Advantage program and Green Business Challenge to move the region’s businesses toward sustainable business practices that reduce environmental impact while helping their bottom line. What does it mean for us? We’re going to be working on putting together a sustainability policy for our office and look forward to introducing energy saving programs throughout the year. The challenge asks each participant to meet five policy goals and three accomplishment goals in a four-month plan.

This program is certainly one that is moving the region’s businesses to the path of sustainability, and we are looking forward to joining the other 150+ businesses who are already participating in the challenge. If your organization wants to learn more about this great program,  click here.  Keep an eye out on our blog for updates as we progress through the challenge.