Want to work for Abstrakt? Of course you do.

Junior Digital Designer

Abstrakt Marketing Group has a position open for a Junior Digital Designer either fresh out of school or with a year or two of experience. Either way, we want your pre-work force bitterness years.

You’ll find Abstrakt a little like Fight Club minus Brad Pitt and fighting. We do have a guy that looks a little like Edward Norton, but the idea here is team. We push each other to our creative limits – sometimes for no reason. The similarities don’t end there! We once made soap.

What we’re looking for out of you:

  • Cool digital design work
  • Some knowledge of backend development
  • Video prowess (knowledge of FCP is a plus)
  • A healthy attitude towards puppies or the like

****Also, huge props if you know your way around a Facebook app****

Please send a resume and some work examples over to jobs@abstraktmg.com for consideration. We’d like to reiterate that we are not interested in actual punches to the face unless you can do it digitally.