The Many Benefits of the Partner Sales Representative Role at Abstrakt

Abstrakt Marketing Group Founder and CEO Scott Scully discusses the benefits of the Partner Sales Representative Role. Whether you’re an experienced sales person or a student looking to start your career, Abstrakt is great place to learn and grow.

What are the benefits of the partner sales representative role?

The reason that I love the partner sales representative position is because I think it is really the most incredible way to learn about sales. We’re teaching people how to close, how to follow up, and how to organize themselves, so no matter what they’re looking to grow into this initial partner sales representative position can have a dramatic impact on someone’s life.

What are partner sales representatives responsible for?

It’s really a unique spot where you are an outsourced salesperson for 4-5 of our partner companies, and you get to uncover opportunities and really have a huge impact on the bottom line of these organizations. Our partner sales representatives help a company really identify what their key target market should be. They help identify real critical sales data to put the organization in a better spot to succeed going forward. They’re helping with top of mind awareness and branding, and then the fourth thing that we do is create sales appointments and new business opportunities.

What are some of the advancements opportunities?

When somebody comes in as a partner sales representative, they have opportunity to not only grow substantially within that initial position, but if they’re interested in management, sales, operations or maybe they want to get into our agency all of that is available here. If somebody is really looking to get a fast start on their career, and grow that career substantially, you can do it under one roof.

What sets Abstrakt apart?

My favorite thing is our people. We are rounding the corner on about 250 people right now, and I feel like we have some of the most talented folks not just in St. Louis, but around the country. What an opportunity to come join those folks in our quest to really grow to be the most significant b2b lead generation company in the country. We think the future ahead is really bright, and we need more “A players” just like yourself.