Team Abstrakt Hits the Sand…again

We call ourselves the “A-Team” both at work and on the court…the sand volleyball court that is. Abstrakt joined a sand volleyball league sponsored by Trueman’s Place in Benton Park.

So, it’s only fair to provide a quick recap now that we are one game into our season. Our opponents – Team “C-YA” – were all 6’7” with arms like rocket launchers. Which explains why they beat us two games to nothing. In our defense we had never previously practiced together and had been slaving away at our computers all day being creative for our clients.

Although the loss was mildly frustrating for the A-Team, they still held the best sportsmanship, the most crowd support and greatest effort. Brian Condon – Abstrakt Sand Volleyball Photographer – even caught some great action shots of Melanie and Alex taking some tough sand dives and Chris jumping for the blocks and spikes.

Here’s the deal. The A-Team has another big game tonight at 9:00pm against Team “Jeff Meyer.” Now that’s an original name. We do have a powerhouse of a serving squad with Business Growth Manager Chris Denman and President Scott Scully both working on their bullet overhand serves. You can come check out the A-Team in action tonight at 9:00pm at Trueman’s Place – Game on!