Support Abstrakt for the St. Patrick Center

We are requesting the community of Saint Louis to come together and participate in our Facebook-A-Thon Challenge in support of the St. Patrick Center – building permanent, positive change.

Social media is quite possibly ruling the world! Who would have thought that you can help aid a charity in funding their programs by the simple click of the mouse? No, not a ‘Pay Now’ or a ‘Donate Today’ button, but rather a ‘Like’ button on Facebook.

Social media has more than skyrocketed since the development of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – all yielding connection building, networking, and online communication. Now, celebrities, companies, organizations and every day users alike are discovering ways to use the power and force of social media to take great initiative in helping others around the globe.

Right here in the greater Saint Louis area, Abstrakt Marketing Group (AMG) is challenging our social media community and those considering becoming involved with social media to join and help the St. Patrick Center. If you are not already on social media, maybe this is the kick start you need. For every new Facebook fan that Abstrakt Marketing Group receives throughout the month of August 2011, the business will donate $1 (up to $1,000) to the St. Patrick Center.

Abstrakt Marketing Group challenges Saint Louis to participate in the Facebook-A-Thon and be an integral part of our ties with the St. Patrick Center. Aside from the money raised, it’s hard not to think that many hearts will be warmed by this. It’s literally one click of a button. Be part of great change in the St. Louis area.

Abstrakt Marketing Group: and/or @abstraktmg St. Patrick Center:

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