So You Want to be an Intern at Abstrakt?

When you think of an internship you might picture yourself running around getting coffee and doughnuts for everyone in the office. If you intern here at Abstrakt Marketing Group, it’s not even close to being the case.  After meeting everybody (and trying to remember all of their names), you learn how the agency functions inside and out.  It may seem like a lot of information to take in on the first day, but you quickly understand that you are an important asset to the team, not just some intern.

There is never a dull moment here.  The decorations that adorn the walls and wooden pillars (the photo- shopped picture of Sean Connors, our Capturesocial media strategist, as Lil’ Wayne is always funny to look at.) give this place a lively feel.  The atmosphere gives off a family feel. There is always music playing and someone here to yell “Bless you!” when you sneeze. But it’s not just fun and games here: Abstrakt knows when to get down to business.

You get to see how talented everyone really is when you attend the weekly Monday meetings and hear what everyone has been working on. As an intern, your day-to-day responsibilities, along with other projects popping up, will keep you busy.  Blogs need to be written daily (you can never have too many blog posts) and you get to manage some of the agency’s social media sites, too. You also spend your time keeping yourself up-to-date with social media news. Our marketing director, Melanie Wright, always makse sure you have something to do. It could be helping with the monthly meeting presentation to taking pictures of the crew to add to our website.

If you want to be an intern here at Abstrakt, be ready to work hard and play hard. With everyone so friendly and welcoming, there is no reason to be shy! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such a talented group of people. I recommend you come experience what it’s like working with the Abstrakt crew, firsthand.