Push the Pedal to Hope: The 2014 Virtual Ride

The Matthew and Andrew Akin Foundation has brought hope and strength to families with children suffering from HLH (Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis) since their founding in 2010. For the fourth consecutive year, founder Justin Akin will ride with fellow supporters on their annual fundraising and awareness ride, 700 Miles to Hope. The mission of the foundation, as well as the ride, is to support the world-renowned experts at the HLH Center of Excellence at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and their core priorities of research, education and family support.

This year, supporters have the opportunity to participate in the ride from right here in St. Louis. Abstrakt will be hosting the foundation’s first ever Virtual Ride. Mark your calendars for Monday, October 6th, 2014 and register now as a virtual rider. Times will be available for reservation throughout the week so come down to the Abstrakt office and push the pedal toward this amazing cause. Justin and his supporters ride 700 miles in 7 days between October 4th and October 10th. This year we are asking you to help us ride towards a collaborative 700 miles here in our office. Together we can be the final rider to make up the roster for this year’s ride.

Whether you ride 1 mile or 10 miles, you’ll be helping the foundation spread awareness and raise donations for the foundation – every little bit counts. Gather your friends, family and cycling buddies to sign-up today.

The video below highlights some of the greatest aspects of 700 Miles to Hope and the Matthew and Andrew Akin Foundation. Take a look:

For those of you who cannot participate in this year’s event but would like to support the cause, you can submit your donations here.