Promoting From Within Doesn’t Make It a Cake Walk

As companies grow, it’s common to promote from within. Not only because it’s great for retention, but also because it makes sense to expand responsibilities of those doing well and who already know your products and customers. There is however one huge problem with promoting from within that’s commonly overlooked by supervisors—preparation.

Sure, the employee you’re promoting is already way ahead of the game because they know what to expect from a position, the clients they will be working with and probably know your products and services inside and out. But what they may not know is how to be successful in their new-found role.

Just because your new manager or supervisor has been employed with your company prior to this promotion doesn’t mean they won’t need the same amount of training like an external applicant would. For someone who’s never been in a leadership role, it’s a whole new ballgame. There’s obviously a reason you’ve chosen to promote them – and it shouldn’t be because you thought you could throw them into the position with no mentoring or training. As a leader in the company, you have to remember that it’s your role to teach your leadership staff the difference between being a member of the team and leading the team.

Composing a solid management and leadership staff will never be a cakewalk. If it was that easy, more people in the business would be a success. A lot of people win when you promote from within so don’t lessen your employees chance of success by skimping out on their training and mentoring experience.