One of St. Louis’ Fastest Growing Companies in 2013

Have you taken a look at the St. Louis Business Journal today? If not, check out these great articles about the 2013 Fastest Growing Private Companies and yours truly, Abstrakt Marketing Group.

Floor It: 25 Fastest growing companies

Sure the numbers are there — with some companies posting triple-digit revenue increases — but the stories behind the numbers tell the many different roads taken to achieve growth. Expansion, acquisition, management change-ups are just some of the strategies employed by these high achievers. There’s bound to be an idea to rev up your organization. To read the full article click here. 

Abstrakt Marketing Group 

301.53% revenue growth

Abstrakt Marketing has a simple and persuasive pitch for its clients.

For less than it would cost them to hire one full-time marketing employee, Abstrakt will use its staff of more than 90 marketing and lead generation pros to grow a business and add immediate revenue to the bottom line. To read the full article click here.