Maryville University Students Create 360 Tour of Abstrakt

Students in the Communications program at Maryville University are learning about virtual reality video and photography. To test their skills, they created a tour of Abstrakt Marketing Group!

“Before filming the Virtual Reality experience, I was pretty hesitant about it all. I never dealt with VR beforehand, so it was difficult for me to picture how it would turn out. After detailed planning with my Pawprint Staff, I was confident that the project would turn out great! The filming experience went well in my eyes. I really enjoyed getting an inside look around the Abstrakt building, and creating a piece that would let others do so as well. Although there were some speed bumps, it went smoothly overall! I really enjoyed the process and the end result,” said Macie Maislin, Student at Maryville University.

We were honored to have the opportunity to help out with this project. While we have expanded into a new space since the project, the tour they created still perfectly captures the culture and uniqueness of Abstrakt.

“The partnership between Maryville University and Abstrakt Marketing continues to benefit students. With Abstrakt’s warm welcome, my students and I learned hands-on how to create and publish 360 video tours. Just this one example shows Maryville and Abstrakt’s commitment to experiential learning,” said Dr. Dustin York, Director of Undergraduate Communication Programs.

You can check it out here. If you’re on a cell phone/tablet, you’ll be able to move your device around to navigate the 360 view. If you’re on a desktop/laptop, you’ll have to drag your mouse. Special thanks to Dr. York for including us in this awesome project!

In the tour, we first enter the main entrance of Raeder Place on Laclede’s Landing. The students from Maryville then took 360 photos to capture the entire lobby of the 1st floor. You can see a few of Abstrakt’s spaces along with everyone’s favorite, the Old Spaghetti Factory.

From there, you can navigate to Abstrakt’s 5th floor, where our Pipeline division is located. Alyssa Stevenson, Director of Pipeline, gives an in-depth tour of our unique culture. Andrew Mandziara then takes over to give insight into the world of our Executive Sales Team.

At the end of the tour, the viewer is taken to Abstrakt’s On-Campus Sales Internship at Maryville University. This internship opportunity offers students the chance to gain real-world experience while still completing their degree. Learn about the internship initiative here.

If you’re ever interested in taking the real, physical tour of Abstrakt, stop by! We’d love to have you.