Maryville University Students Gain Experience Through Abstrakt Marketing Internships

Over the years, Abstrakt Marketing Group’s paid internship program on Maryville University’s campus has become a wonderful opportunity for students interested in sales and marketing. By participating in the program, interns gain real world experience using the same technology Abstrakt employees use and are able to build relationships with influential contacts. Abstrakt strives to include their culture of growth in the program, even though it takes place on Maryville’s campus.

“Aside from everything, the relationships I’ve made with my bosses and co-workers make working there so much more attractive,” said Daulton West­cott, a fourth-year Mar­ket­ing ma­jor at Maryville. “They really take the time to understand your strengths and weakness make you a better employee.”

Along with growth, Abstrakt makes sure the students experience the same element of competition and fun as they would in the Abstrakt office. The in­terns can win cash prizes and outings as incentives for excellent work performance. Along with these prizes, their base pay and commission, students will receive several other benefits. After they complete the internship, they receive an Abstrakt Sales Academy Certification, class credits, copies of all their personal sales metrics, and live sales call recordings to demonstrate their skills to future employers.

Currently, Abstrakt has 32 interns at Maryville University, but are looking to add three more. Learn more about the program and how to apply here.