Mary Goetz: Office Manager and American Business Award Winner

We’re thrilled to announce that our very own Mary Goetz has been recognized by the 16th Annual American Business Awards with the Bronze Award for Support Staffer of the Year! This national award is such a large honor, and Mary is so deserving of it! We’re so thankful for all she does for Abstrakt. If you’d like to learn more about the American Business Awards and the rest of the winners, click here. Continue reading to see our submission to nominate this wonderful individual:

American Business Awards | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation SolutionsMary Goetz: Office Manager (Because Company Guru, Master Multi-Tasker and Miracle Worker is Not An Official Title)

Mary Goetz started with Abstrakt Marketing Group on January 16, 2012. At the time, Abstrakt had only 37 employees. Since her arrival, the company has moved locations, grown six times its size and undergone major transformations. Most companies would agree, there are several characteristics that make an office manager a valuable person within a business. Flexibility, accessibility, optimism, confidence, creativity and emotional intelligence are just a few that Mary holds. Additionally, she has several skills that should be noted such as communication, organization and an always steadfast composure. Some of Mary’s most significant contributions lie in the areas of office safety and the development of something we feel very passionate about – our workplace culture.

ABA '18 Bronze Award Winner | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation Solutions

2017 was a bit of a whirlwind for Abstrakt. As the area around the company building is being renovated, several issues arose. Mary was able to communicate effectively to keep our entire team informed and safe, as well as productive. She has helped revise and implement internal safety plans and increase safety outside of the office with the introduction of security guards. Her weekly – and sometimes daily – meetings with the owner of our building ensure that no concern or need is left neglected within our ever-progressing office space. Mary’s dedication to the safety and security of every individual at Abstrakt should not be overlooked; because of her, we are able to make strides as a company.

Abstrakt is continuously recognized for its culture and fast growth rate. In the year 2017 alone, Abstrakt hired 87 new employees. Mary interacts with employees at every level and within every department virtually every day, addressing concerns and providing information. With every new employee, Mary plays an integral part of our onboarding process by welcoming them and making introductions. She’s a general resource for all on just about any Abstrakt-related topic. Each new employee is greeted with a welcome gift and receives all necessary information from her on their first day.

To some, this may not seem like a difficult or impressive task. But, factor in the following; along with these new 87 employees, Mary has prepared a welcome bag for every employee’s first day at Abstrakt. In the span of six years, that’s a significant number of people who have been greeted by her hospitality. Cool office features can only do so much to create a positive first impression – we know the true office environment comes from people like Mary being friendly and welcoming to every individual that enters our doors.

We’re forever grateful for Mary’s dedication and commitment to the constant improvement of Abstrakt. We know that our team members are the reason for our success. Mary always goes above and beyond her base responsibilities with an impressive amount of efficiency and composure. The word ‘overachiever’ comes to mind when thinking of her ability to do what some companies need an entire department for.

Mary isn’t our top salesman, she doesn’t manage a team of 40 employees and she doesn’t lead our company meetings. However, she makes every role in our company possible through her tireless work in ensuring the business runs as smoothly as possible. Her behind-the-scenes role and modest personality often leave her shying away from public recognition, however, we know she should be in the Hall of Fame. Mary goes above and beyond the expectations of any office manager or executive assistant. We cannot express our appreciation for her enough, but we’re hoping the Support Staffer of the Year Award will be a start.