The Landing Paves a New Path: Lucas Avenue Officially Opens on Laclede’s Landing

Abstrakt’s home on Laclede’s Landing is expanding! The Lucas Avenue extension on Laclede’s Landing marked its official opening on July 1. Marked by a ceremonial ribbon-cutting event attended at 612 North Event Space, dozens of people gathered to celebrate the new roadway, which will advance its own path to a comeback. Ribbon Cutting | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation Solutions

The Isolation Zone

Since the St. Louis Rams’ move, the 2-year U.S. Recession, and overall removal of parking, Laclede’s Landing has been cut off from the rest of the city. Adding this extension is just one way Laclede’s Landing is getting itself back on the map.

While the Landing is a typical spot for tourists and St. Louis sightseers, it’s difficult to navigate with one way, cobblestone streets. And while the cobblestone roads throughout the Landing have preserved the area’s historical significance, the extension enables vehicles to enter and exit the Landing more easily, directly connecting to the more populated downtown area. 


Abstrakt’s PresenceScott Scully | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation Solutions

When Abstrakt arrived on the Landing in 2012, we had nearly 70 employees with a modest office space in the Raedar Place building. Since then, we’ve grown to over 300, occupying office spaces in two buildings with plans to once again expand within the next year. 

In the next five years, we plan to grow from 330 employees to 1,000. Scott Scully, our President, and CEO says he believes Laclede’s Landing can once again be a destination for St. Louis residents to work, live, and play.


New Features in the Future

Another advancement to the Laclede’s Landing neighborhood is the Katherine Ward Burg Garden. Expected to be completed by spring 2020, the park will be located near the North Riverfront area that’s right outside our own doorstep!

Our team is looking forward to this new green space where Landing residents and visitors can eat lunch, take a stroll or just enjoy the vibrant greenery. 

With the newly renovated The Gateway Arch grounds connected the monument to the rest of downtown and the opening of Lucas Avenue, this growth and extension will help make Laclede’s Landing a better place for St. Louisans to work and live. Our team couldn’t be more excited to be part of it and look forward to seeing where these advancements take us over the next few years.