#AGB18 Spotlight: Mission: St. Louis

Misson St. Louis | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation SolutionsWe are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with Mission: St. Louis for our 2nd Annual Abstrakt Gives Back Day! Mission: St. Louis is an organization that recognizes how a person’s socioeconomic status can affect them and works to break the cycle of poverty. The aim of this organization is to invest in the people of our St. Louis community and help them rise above poverty. Mission St. Louis achieves this goal with its three programs, Beyond School, Beyond Jobs, and Beyond Charity.

Beyond School is an AmeriCorps program that prepares students to enter high school with the social, emotional, and academic tools needed to be successful in high school and further in life. This program results in 2-3 months of growth for every 1 month the student is in the program. The Beyond School program helps at-risk students graduate high school and make a bright future for themselves.

The Beyond Jobs program equips men with job training, a community of support, and employment opportunities. Upon entering the Beyond Jobs program, 16% of the men are currently working, two months later 60% are working, and five months later more than 73% are employed.

Mission: St. Louis’ other program, Beyond Charity, works to meet other needs for members of the community outside of education and employment. Beyond Charity meets these needs in empowering ways, creating a complete foundation for people and communities to flourish. Some of the services in the Beyond Charity program include Affordable Christmas, AMP, Morning Reading, Senior Services, Tax Prep, Americorps Vista, Healthy Home Repair, and Building Rentals.

We are so excited to invest in our community with Mission: St. Louis this year! Mission: St. Louis’s goal of empowering people, their families and neighborhoods is exactly what Abstrakt Gives Back Day is all about. We can’t wait to partner with them in just four days!