#AGB18 Spotlight: Longmeadow Rescue Ranch

Longmeadow Rescue Ranch | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation SolutionsOur volunteers are eager to partner with Longmeadow Rescue Ranch for our 2nd Annual Abstrakt Gives Back Day! Longmeadow Rescue Ranch is a branch of the Humane Society of Missouri and is a 165-acre haven for hundreds of abused and neglected horses, cows, goats, pigs, ducks, and other farm animals. Longmeadow is one of the most comprehensive horse and farm animal care and rehabilitation centers in the country. Staff at the ranch provide hands-on humane education experiences for children and adults, as well as animal care. We are very excited to help this awesome organization and its sweet animals in any way possible this year!

Longmeadow Rescue Ranch was once known as Packwood Longmeadow Farm and purchased in 1988 by a generous bequest from George Packwood, Jr. His commitment to the Humane Society of Missouri began as an active supporter of the organization, and it continues today through his donation of this land for the care of ranch animals.

How can someone who’s passionate about animals help, you may wonder? Longmeadow has many giving options for those who are interested in helping the organization continue its care of these abused and neglected animals. There are three funds to which donors can dedicate money: Second Chances Equine Fund, Safe Stay Fund, Farm Animal Rescue and Rehab Fund. Donors can also sponsor a Barn Buddy or shop Longmeadow’s Amazon wishlist.

The Second Chances Equine Fund is meant to provide rescued horses with food, life-saving veterinary care, farrier services and training. Many rescued horses and other equines that have been abused and/or neglected or suffer from illness or other injuries can require from weeks to months of rehabilitation. This wouldn’t be possible without Longmead and the donations made to the Second Chances Equine Fund.

The Safe Stay Fund is dedicated to repairing the fencing around Longmeadow. Many of the rescued animals at the ranch test physical barriers as a behavior previously learned in search of food or water. The fence also endures the regular wear and tear and needs to be repaired often to keep the animals at Longmeadow safe and secure.

The Farm Animal Rescue and Rehab Fund provides special food, specialized rehabilitation, and medical supplies specific to each species and breed of animal that comes to Longmeadow. Neglected goats, sheep, pot-bellied pigs, and other farm animals often come to Longmeadow suffering from lack of food and water, parasites and disease.

There is also an option to sponsor a Barn Buddy. This sponsorship will help feed, board and provide medical care for the animal of your choice. Donors can also join Amazon Smile to shop Longmeadow’s Wish List and grant the wishes and needs of many of the animals in their care.