#AGB18 Spotlight: Epworth Family Services

Epworth | Abstrakt Marketing Group | B2B Lead Generation SolutionsAbstrakt is excited to send volunteers to Epworth Children and Family Services for the 2nd Annual Abstrakt Gives Back Day! Epworth is an organization dedicated to their mission of helping children, youth, and families move toward self-sufficiency by focusing on health, housing, education, and employment. For over 150 years they have been providing the St. Louis community with essential youth development services that have helped thousands of children overcome severe emotional and behavioral challenges caused by abuse or neglect.

Each year Epworth provides many different services to nearly 13,000 individuals. These services include emergency shelter, residential and intensive treatment, family reunification therapy, transitional and independent living programs, foster family care, prevention services and a 24-hour helpline. As an organization, their focus is on an innovative, holistic, and comprehensive treatment approach to successfully help youth focus on solutions, build strengths, and communicate more effectively. They help encourage youth and families to thrive in society through their strength-based therapeutic philosophy that helps build individual strengths. Epworth also strives to teach important life skills such as banking, budgeting, housekeeping, cooking, legal rights, and self-advocacy

Epworth’s values are Commitment, Accountability, Respect, Empowerment, and Safety. Their vision is self-sufficiency with dignity for all children, youth, and families. Putting their mission, values, and vision together helps us understand why Epworth is a wonderful non-profit organization that strives to reach those in need.

In addition to this organization, there is an inside group named Friends of Epworth, founded in 1995. This is a dynamic group of volunteers dedicated to helping the youth and families served by Epworth. The goals of this organization are fundraising, volunteer service, and promoting Epworth in the community. This group currently has over 40 active members. They meet the third Wednesday of each month, including a summer break. For more information about the Friends of Epworth follow this link.