In the News: DMA Members Take to Capitol Hill

Most businesses use direct marketing in one way or another and now direct marketers are taking to Capitol Hill to defend their business to lawmakers. As we know, privacy laws in relation to personal data and information have been a hot topic over the past few years and the DMA makes continuous efforts to educate consumers on how the industry works.

Check out some of the latest news articles related to the subject below.

Brill Tells DMA That FTC Is ‘Ramping Up Enforcement’

An excerpt:

As a keynote speaker to the Direct Marketing Association’s “DMA in DC” conference, Ms. Brill said the FTC wants to work with the industry to find agreement on ways to protect the privacy of consumers and promote a “vibrant, innovative, online marketplace.”

But she also spoke of recent FTC prosecutions and said the agency is “ramping up enforcement” of those who break federal privacy laws, especially in the expanding new world of smartphones and mobile apps. Read full story here.

Direct Marketers Crank Up Lobbying Campaign

An excerpt:

The direct marketing business, which is just about every company these days that uses data to more precisely target customers and prospects, could be in for the fight of its life.

“The threats to what we do are looming large, both in Washington, across the ocean and in state legislatures,” Linda Woolley, the president and CEO of the Direct Marketing Association told members meeting in Washington, D.C. Read full story here.