Happy Independence Day! Starbucks is Screaming ‘We’re #INDIVISIBLE!’

To all of those who have (and continue) to serve our country, we tip our hats to you today and every day.

As we take time today to acknowledge all of those that served, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz asks us to converse about where our country is headed. Accompanying Schultz’s social media campaign, #Indivisible, Starbucks will be handing out free cups of coffee today in hopes of sparking conversation on the topic of our country’s future.

“Let’s tell our government leaders to put partisanship aside and to speak truthfully about the challenges we face. Let’s ask our business leaders to create more job opportunities for the American economy. And as citizens, let’s all get more involved. Please, don’t be a bystander. Understand that we have a shared responsibility in solving our nation’s problems. We can’t wait for Washington.”
The campaign started last month when Starbucks released their “Indivisible Blend” Blonde Roast. For every pound, $5 is donated to the “Create Job’s for USA Fund.”

So are they really in it for the betterment of the country? We like to think so. But even if there are other motives you can’t deny they’re right in getting us to think more about the topic. So as we set off those fireworks and chow down on our BBQ today we ask ourselves what more can we do to better the country we all hold so dear. Even if the campaign doesn’t get you thinking, I bet a good number of us stop by for a free cup of joe.