Get Your Charity On

The Abstrakt Marketing Group office just got a whole lot cuter for the month of May. As part of our ongoing Facebook-A-Thon Challenge, we’re partnering up with the Gateway Pet Guardians, a nonprofit virtual animal shelter and pet rescue that helps adorable little cats and dogs in the Missouri and Illinois metro area. For every new “Like” we get on our Facebook page, we will donate $1 (up to $1,000) to our furry friends.

For our part, we’re turning the Abstrakt office into an exclusive dog club/daycare/sweatshop. In the month of May, the Abstrakt crew can bring their own four-legged friends into the office for a $10 donation to Gateway Pet Guardians.

On Friday, we had Duncan and Oliver join us. Oliver came dressed in a collared shirt with his very own sack lunch. Because of his finely pressed shirt and human name, Oliver was mistaken for a new employee and put to work making calls to clients, coffee runs, and cleaning out the microwave. *

Currently, all of the Gateway Pet Guardians adoptable pets are in loving foster homes waiting to be adopted, but they are raising money to build a shelter, low cost spay/neuter clinic, and an education center in East St. Louis.

With the help of the community and plenty of Facebook “Likes,” we want to help Gateway get the full $1,000. You know what it costs for you to help raise money? Absolutely nothing (except a click of your mouse, which is totally free).

*Just kidding. We didn’t make Oliver work at all. He just did cute dog things all day, like tricks on command, eating dog treats, and generally acting adorable.

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