Get On Board with March Madness

It’s the same dilemma every year: should you embrace your office’s March Madness bracket or not. Twitter, Facebook and just about every media outlet is discussing March Madness as we move into the first week of games. Each year, businesses wonder if they should fight the madness or just give in and integrate it into their employees’ workday – since they will more than likely be watching it from their computers anyways.

What do we say? Embrace it — a little fun never hurt anyone. In fact, some managers are saying that all the March Madness excitement may be good for numbers. Earlier today, Matt Twomey for released an article that highlights just that with his piece “Why March Madness might be good for office productivity.” However other posts, like “March Madness productivity loss? It’s a slam dunk, poll says” by the Los Angeles Times, doesn’t seem to see the good in following the games at work.

What’s the upside of including the event in your daily activities? Employee satisfaction. Setting up a team bracket challenge or sending out team emails that update everyone on current standings takes merely moments and can result in some happy employees. It may also keep them from streaming the games to their computers all day and ignoring clients. (Who would do that?)

The next month of March Madness doesn’t have to be an unproductive one. In fact, pepping up your team with fun activities surrounding the games may just make it one of your best months. So get on board and fill out those brackets – the games start tomorrow!