Freezin’ for a Reason

If you’ve never jumped into a lake in February, you’re missing out. This year, Abstrakt’s Polar Plunge team, Social Hypothermia, will be braving the cool waters of Creve Coeur Lake in support of the Special Olympics of Missouri. February is a prime time for plunging and we may even get out of this year’s event with tolerable temperatures – but that’s just a maybe.

Each year, Special Olympics Polar Plunges are held throughout the country and attract thousands of chilled souls. If you’re interested in this event, what better time than now to participate? We have a feeling that there will be many first–time plungers, like us, at this year’s event so we’ve put together a few words of advice for fellow first-timers.

  • Dress warmly. Wear sweats over your bathing suit, as well as any fleece-lined clothing you may have lying around. We’ve heard from experienced plungers to only shed your gear when it’s time to plunge.
  • Expect to go numb. If you’ve ever witnessed a plunge, you’ve noticed that people tend to run in, but stumble out of the water. The water is so cold that your legs could feel very heavy and numb. It’s also smart to invest in waterproof shoes to protect your feet from the pain of stepping on rocks.
  • Bring supporters. You’ll be full of adrenaline when you get out of the water, but it’s nice to have someone waiting with a blanket, ready to help you get back into your sweats and coat. You might also want someone there to take video or photos of your plunge.

We know it may seem a little crazy, so we understand why not everyone would want to participate in this year’s Polar Plunge event. If you don’t feel up to braving the cold waters, head out to Creve Coeur Lake on Feb 25th, 2 p.m. and support our team as we take the plunge.

All of this crazy cold plunging wouldn’t mean much if it didn’t help out a good cause. To pledge a donation to Social Hypothermia and the Special Olympics of Missouri, visit our team’s page. We hope to see you there!