Derby Day: Abstrakt Brings Their “A” Game

We know you’ve been on the edge of your seat since we announced our entry into the 4th Annual Coolfire Pinewood Derby. It’s not every day that you get a room full of really creative advertising agencies, a bunch of Bud Lite and hunks of wood carved into cars.* Not to mention, since I was a 10-year-old girl, I’ve been pretty dead set on entering and winning the pinewood derby (thanks, Boy Scouts).

Clearly 13 years of angst over my inability to enter a pinewood derby competition meant I was absolutely dead set on creating the greatest block-of-wood-car ever, and so were the rest of my Abstrakt Marketing Group cohorts. This is exactly why we made a replica of the “shaggin’ wagon,” made famous by the 1994 cinematic classic, “Dumb and Dumber.”

It took a lot of creative people a few hours to carve out a block of foam, rip apart a shag carpet and get lots of glue all over their hands to come up with the final product. Heck, we even had a cut out of Harry and Lloyd driving the car in the front window – now that’s attention detail. The final result, if I may say so, was the greatest block of wood turned sheepdog I’ve ever seen.

But a successful pinewood derby car doesn’t just stop at the shag carpet – oh no. We also went for the “Best Themed Pit Crew” prize, which entailed over a dozen Abstrakt employees dressed in their finest imitation baby blue or orange mock tuxedo t-shirt. Our mothers were so proud!

After a fun night of wood car racing, Abstrakt Marketing Group’s shaggin’ wagon won second place in the show car competition. This is where we give a major thanks to all of our friends, family, fans, pets, neighbor’s, etc. who voted for us. Next year we’ll be back with a bigger, better and faster concept for that #1 spot.

*As much as it might sound like a distinct possibility given this scenario, not a single person lost an appendage in the process.